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About Us

AnimeVibe is indeed ad-free, and free to use. But that’s for you guys, for us though, we have to pay for servers and keep the website online. Since we have no advertisements we don’t make money off the site, but you can help change that. Donate to keep us alive and ad-free forever.

Why Should you Donate?

– AnimeVibe is ad-free and we need to keep it that way, it’s only possible if you donate to keep the ad-free experience going, not just for yourself, but for everyone that is using this site. So you are not only helping out the website, you are helping out the community as well.

– We always provide support to the community, we listen to what people have to say and try to help accordingly.

– AnimeVibe is constantly updating. New anime, new content, new features and so on. We keep everything up-to-date and we also seek for providing you a better user experience and a comfortable interface for you to stream anime on.

– Servers are most definitely not free, so you can donate to keep the site running.

Future of AnimeVibe

As Master Yoda once said (or I think that’s what he said), “Clouded this websites future is, hrmm.” We have no clue how long AnimeVibe can run, but we do know that it will run as long as you keep supporting it through donations. I am hoping to add a Manga and a Hentai site too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Yep, so to help me achieve this feat you would need to donate. I am planning on working and releasing these sites as soon as I get enough funds to start the new server.

Do you get any Rewards or Perks?

Well, as of now there aren’t any rewards or perks. The site was just updated to v6 (current version) it’s still in Beta and under development. The only reward right now is that everyone gets anime for free without them crappy advertisements :3
Maybe in the near future we can probably expect a reward system and such. (We had perks before v6, we are currently setting up and planning the new perks)